Supporting Small Business & Local Communities

Tired of seeing small businesses in my community going out of business I wanted to do something about it. Hence, Loyal2Community was created!! By bringing individually owned businesses together with people in it’s community and offering L2C members a discount each time they walk in through the door, businesses will generate more revenue; people will save money, a big win/win for everybody!

With unity, strength and support, communities always thrive more when they come together and support each other.

Proudly serving small, local, and family owned businesses (in IL). Where consumers can sign up for a FREE membership and receive the latest deals and offers. Look for our logo every time you shop, and know you’re supporting a small business in your community!

We Help Build Great Neighborhoods Through Economic Impact

Why should people choose to join? Small businesses are the back bone of our communities. Helping support one another only benefits us all. Plus, when you support a small business owner, your tax dollars support:
  • Schools and neighborhoods
  • Roads and infrastructure
  • Police & Fire departments, and keeps us working!
  • ​IT’S FREE!! Be part of the solution, shop local & support local businesses in your community and everybody wins!

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